What you get

+ Easy faxing of docs from your Google Docs account

+ Receive incoming faxes directly to your Google Docs account

+ Create multiple local & toll free fax numbers, instantly

+ Automatically share incoming faxes with team members / friends you specify

+ Easy faxing by email. Simply send us an email with attachments and we fax them

+ Quick & easy setup. You could be faxing 30 seconds from now (without a credit card)


Google Docs Integration

Ginza Fax integrates with your Google Docs. To send one or multiple documents, simply select them with a click, punch in the fax number and voila. You'll get a notification email to confirm your fax was successfully sent.

Google Docs Integration

And when you receive an incoming fax, it will automatically be placed in your docs account in PDF format. We'll send a notification email with a direct link to your document. Need multiple people to share an inbox? No problem, specify any number of collaborators to also receive incoming faxes.


Ginza Fax supports exporting detailed fax logs containing all the info you need for your reporting needs. Export includes, call durations, to, from, number of pages, time stamp, and cost. The export will automatically show up in your Google docs account.


Google Calendar Integration

Ginza Fax logs all your activities in a dedicated Google Calendar. This gets you a quick, convenient, and google searchable overview of incoming & outgoing faxes

Google Calendar Integration



For fast, and convenient faxing of files, Ginza Fax provides a Email-to-Fax feature. Simply attach the files you want to fax, (optionally write something in the email body to turn it into a cover sheet), and email it to us.

We support attachments in most common formats, including but not limited to, PDF, DOC/DOCX, JPG/PNG/GIF, PPT, ZIP. Attachment size must be smaller than 20MB



Control Fax Spam

With Ginza Fax you can reject all anonymous inbound callers, and create black lists


Privacy & Security

We handle your data very carefully. All interactions (with your browser and on our backend) are done over encrypted & secure channels. We don't even send your incoming faxes as attachments in your notification emails, as emails are sent as post cards, anyone can read them on the way.

All your incoming and outgoing data, and files resides within Google.

Privacy & Security

Google App Engine

Ginza Fax runs on Google App Engine for secure, robust, and scalable operations


Create New numbers Instantly or port your existing ones

With Ginza Fax you can create multiple local & toll free numbers under the same account within seconds. You can assign different service plans & collaborators to each.

If you already have an existing number you wish to port to us, please use our contact form. You will not experience any downtime during the transition process.